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House Rules


To ensure everybody gets to enjoy their stay in our hotel, please observe the following house

rules and pass those on to your fellow travellers. We ask you kindly to respect the rules.


* It is not allowed to store any personal items or belongings near or in the stairways or

corridors of FD Hotels.

* Emergency routes, corridors and exits must remain clear at all times. Use of emergency

exit doors is strictly prohibited in non-emergency situations.

* Anyone that blocks the stairways, emergency routes, corridors and/ or exit points or

uses an emergency exit door in a non-emergency situation will immediately receive an

official warning and will also receive a financial charge of €150,-.


* Smoking or using drugs (of any kind) in FD Hotels is prohibited. If any member of FD Hotels

team caught you smoking in the building or finds evidence of smoking including

the use of “e-cigarettes”, or any incendiary that could cause flame or fire, there will be an

immediate charge of €200,-.

* Smoking is only prohibited within 5 meters of the main entrance door(s) of FD Hotels.

* If people continue to smoke in non-designated areas or manipulate or obstruct the

placed smoke detectors in any way, their contract with FD Hotels will be terminated and

they are obliged to leave FD Hotels directly


FD Hotels takes no responsibility for the costs of fire alarms set off by illegal burning of

candles, illegal smoking or the manipulation of smoke detectors by any person. Manipulating

or obstructing a smoke detector will lead to a € 275,- fine and immediate termination of the

hotel contract. In such case, the payment obligation for the agreed term of your stay will

continue unabridged.


Bringing illegal substances, drugs, nitrous oxide or weapons into the hotel is strictly

forbidden and will lead to immediate eviction and will result in an immediate charge of

€200,-. In such case, the payment obligation for the agreed term of your stay will continue

unabridged. FD Hotels will notify the proper authorities.


Please ensure that you respect all members of staff and your fellow residents. FD Hotels is a

safe and friendly environment where everybody should be treated with the same level of

respect. FD Hotels has a zero tolerance approach to bullying, intimidation or violence to any

of its staff or guests.


* It is forbidden to apply nails, screws, etc. in walls, floors and ceilings of your room. It’s

also not allowed to (re)move the fixed furniture in the room. The following items are

prohibited within FD Hotels: candles, incense sticks, additional furnishings, deep fat

fryers and woks, oil burners, or any other equipment that is likely to offset the fire


* Misplacement of hotel property is forbidden , If any member of FD Hotels team caught

you FD Hotels will notify the proper authorities. This may result in an immediate charge

or eviction.

* In the building permit of FD Hotels it is stated the municipality does not allow

displaying flags, posters or any other decoration in the windows. Any decorations in the

windows has to be removed immediately.

* If rooms are damaged or left extremely dirty during a stay, guests will be charged a

cleaning fee or the amount it costs to replace damaged item + 50/hr. labor fees to return

room to its original state. This includes missing/damaged remotes, bedding, towels,

windows, TVs, window screens, appliances, fixtures, furniture, doors, lights, mirrors, etc.

We are a small family-run business and have created a space to be enjoyed and

respected. As we will do our best to serve you please return the courtesy.


* Mail and packages that are delivered at the reception will be sorted and distributed

during the night after delivery.

* FD Hotels does not accept responsibility for mail or packages that are damaged or that

got lost.


Pets are not allowed in FD Hotels. Cleaning cost as well as cost for removal of scents arising

from holding pets will be charged to the guests or visitor that is keeping the pet.



* FD Hotels is not responsible for damage to or theft of personal property. This includes

any property in the stored luggage and delivered packages.

* FD Hotels does not accept any form of vandalism or theft of its property. Anybody who

is vandalizing the property of FD Hotels will be charged with an initial fine of € 150,-

and labour and replacement costs. If the vandalism results in loss of turnover for FD Hotels

 the perpetrator will also be charged for this loss of turnover. Depending on the

severity of the vandalism, it will be left to the discretion of the Hotel Manager on how to

proceed. Any accidental damage caused may be handled without any charge if guests are

upfront and honest about what happened


* Our standard check-out time is until 11 AM without any additional charges. If a late

check-out is requested and approved by our front office team. The extended time is until

1 PM.

* If the standard check-out time is exceeded by the guest without notifying the reception,

FD Hotels is authorised to charge additional costs.

* FD Hotels will deduct any outstanding charges from your deposit.


There should be no noise (parties, music) in the common areas, the lobby, the lounge on the

second floor and/or right outside the hotel after 23.00hrs. If we receive too many

complaints from guests or neighbours, the following “3 strike” procedure will apply.

1st Complaint – We will issue the offending guest(s) with their 1st Strike

2nd Complaint – We will issue the offending guest (s) with their 2nd and final Strike

3rd Complaint – We will terminate the hotel contract of offending guest(s) with FD Hotels.

In such case, the payment obligation for the agreed term of your stay will continue



For your safety and the safety of the other guests of FD Hotels CCTV footage in the

residential areas are recorded and filed. In case of serious incidents on our property The

James will provide the CCTV images to the proper authorities.


Please always report technical issues. We will process technical malfunctions as soon as

possible during office hours on week-days. Urgent issues will be dealt with as a priority and

will be handled urgently. Our technical staff is able to enter your room. You do not have to

be present for repairs to be carried out.


FD Hotels offers its guests free Wi-Fi. We strictly prohibit our guests from using the Wi-Fi

network for illegal activities and the use and installation of private networks or private

routers. The quality of our Wi-Fi network can be negatively influenced by these private

networks and routers and we want all our guests to benefit from our Wi-Fi network. Any use

of the Wi-Fi network for illegal activities and use of private networks or routers can lead to

fines and cancellation of the contract as stated in the Terms and Conditions.


FD Hotels is authorized to refuse you access to the hotel when violating the House Rules as

mentioned above. For more information about FD Hotels or any of our services, take a look

at our website.















House Rules FD Hotels 2021

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